letak salji

the moment

salam ahad . hye guys .. how are you today ?
alhamdulillah still boleh menghirup udara yang segar dan melihat d bumi Allah
menghirup ka erk ? hentam saklah ya .. hhe
erm .. to this day there is no best plan. So sit quietly in the house and do the daily routine MUST open this my beloved laptop. arghhhh . erm .. bosan saya you ..

actually ,yesterday  my cousin  and I plan like a walk in the city is supposedly sandakan tu. but as my beloved sister was a fever therefore plan to walk postpone the Day went on a yet to be determined more .. I just remembered the night I went to my grandmother's sisters house .. what marriage feast .. actually I did not like to go like that, but the grandmother had just follow lah.boring also bring home..marriage is a visit to the home of the bride groom ceremony on Saturday .. simple but many families also collected. sing many songs in use as a live music band. The most I was impressed and surprised even some of the boys are still young 7 year old had learned to play the drums. boy started to have great talent. not only that, him can also sing. good voice ..
~tadaa ...this is the cute boy .. they called him " acik"


erm ... after witnessing the performances of our cute boy came back to the house around 4 hours so..penatlah weii ..   hehe
in the night we went to ur house again .. for an night party. hehe fun see people dancing.  
about 10 hours my family and I back home..
home sweet home lah sangat ya . hehe

i think thats all lah for entries this time ..
love papa mama 

really miss them ...

my sweety mummy